Not Getting Pregnant – Possible Responsible Factors

Sep 20 2010

Most of the time, there are arguments over when to have or not to have kids. It is something that needs proper care and consideration. However, for some couples, planning is not enough when they tend to find out that they cannot become parents. The reasons can be any and many. So, in this piece of writing, I have decided to specifically highlight some reasons and possible factors behind a woman not getting pregnant.

pregnancy issuesInfertility could be caused and improvised in both males and females depending upon the age group you belong to and the region of the world you are living in at the moment. It wouldn’t only have effects on your body physiologically but the factor also shatters a person from within the mentality that they cannot continue on with their generation simply because they are impotent and incapable of doing things. Sometimes, people still have hopes and expectations of getting through the procedure of fertility treatments and certain medications.

Responsible factors behind a female not getting pregnant could be more than one and numerous. It could be due to the fact that the female ovules and oviducts have a complicated system from within. Any hassle or irregularity could make it more prone to getting damaged and effected. Ovulation is said to be the main thing behind the infertility for women because the menstrual cycles are complex to some extent. In some females, the ovules are not properly developed and matured which is why they receive inconsistent reproductive cycles and thus, have difficulties in getting pregnant. Ovulation also prepares the uterus for a possible pregnancy to occur; if the phenomenon doesn’t occur at the right time, it would have negative effects in both fertilization and copulation.

Drugs, stress and being overweight could sometimes be the reasons behind a female not getting pregnant as well. Immune system disorders could also contribute to the situation to an extent as well (and will worsen maternal health later on too). Premature menopause and lower hormonal levels could also have sufficient impacts on the fertility status of a woman to a certain extent as well.

Above mentioned are some possible reasons and factors behind a woman not getting pregnant. I would like to state on thing here that these are only a few possible reasons, there can be many more as well. So, in order to get an idea about more reasons, it is advisable here that you must consult a physician or a doctor for the purpose.

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